Our Cars

1974 Chevrolette Corvette 1976 Chevrolet Corvette
With 1000hp 510 cubic inch Merlin drag engine & 871 supercharger, (unbelievable sound!) painted in the deepest grape black metallic with full-on airbrushed graphics & matching theme interior, this car was born to be wild!
corvette4(720) corvette(800)
dodgeram-800x600 V10 Dodge Ram
Deep gloss black, 22” rims and featuring adjustable air suspension, one flick of the switch this beast will drag its belly- sparks & all for an amazing photo opportunity! Factory powered by Chrysler’s legendary 430 Viper V10 quad-cam race engine, these pickups are the worlds fastest production utes!
V10 Dodge Ram V10 Dodge Ram
4x4 Dodge Ram 4×4 Dodge Ram
Four door cab for those extra guests, deep black paint, 20” rims, hi-spec Chrysler 360 V8 with that deep rumbling sound!
4x4 Dodge Ram 4x4 Dodge Ram
3184_1074671833311_1009172_n Hummer H2
Rolling on huge 26” rims this beast is the business, with the style and status of a roll of thousand dollar notes you’ll look like you’ve just stepped on to the set of your latest Hollywood music vid!
hummer2(800x600) hummer4(800x600)
’66 Lincoln Continental
Nicknamed ‘The Matrix’ this 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible with custom made carpet from Europe and soft green antique leather will make everyone’s heads spin
12341193_448986385307216_6200130079124022337_n 12342503_448986428640545_77921816951899930_n

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